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Child & Family Outcomes

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Measuring child and family outcomes is a major initiative as the federal government requires each state to report information about whether early intervention services have positive results for children and families served. For Early On, the Michigan Department of Education must report results to the federal government on an annual basis. The federal Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has identified three child and three family outcomes as indicators of program effectiveness.

Child outcome indicators include infants and toddlers who demonstrate improvement in:

  • Positive social-emotional skills (including social relationships)
  • Acquisition and use of knowledge and skills (including early language/communication); and
  • Use of appropriate behaviors to meet their needs

Family outcome indicators include responses from families participating in Early On who report that early intervention services have helped their family:

  • Know their rights;
  • Effectively communicate their childrens needs; and
  • Help their children develop and learn.

Child Outcomes are measured at a childs entry to and exit from Early On by a team including service coordinators/providers and families. Family Outcomes are measured within the Early On Family Survey collected through the Qualitative Compliance Information Project at Wayne State University.

Early On Child Outcomes Handbook
Website: Early On Child Outcomes Handbook website.
MDE Child & Family Outcomes
Michigan is measuring three child outcomes, as defined by the OSEP (Office of Special Education Programs) in the State Performance Plan and Annual Performance Plan. The three child outcomes are the result of the work of the Early Childhood Outcomes Center (ECO Center). They were reviewed and recommended by Results Teams comprised of stakeholders from around the state.

The overarching goal for all children is to be active and successful participants in their own learning now and in the future, in a variety of settings. Accomplishments in the various dimensions of each outcome area move a child toward their overall goal.

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